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How to Position Yourself as an Expert Business Coach When Unknown

Business coach consulting with client.

The world is full of business coaches, you can find one at every corner. Some of them are getting results for their clients, but most of them don’t.

Unfortunately, that’s not surprising at all, especially in today’s world. The industry is not in the best “shape” possible and a lot of people are wannabes without any experience or results. Nobody would care if those wannabes would just stay silent in their place without drawing attention. But, guess what, they don’t.

So, even if you are a well-intentioned and skilled business coach, these frauds can drag you in the mud with them.

How is that possible? Well, if you are unknown, there’s a chance your potential clients will be skeptical about your expertise and they might even think you are a fraud, and you don’t want that.

That’s why you need to position yourself as an expert. You need to show the world what you can do, what you know, what kind of results did you get. Put yourself out there with the good and the bad, don’t be afraid to show who you really are.

More often than not, this is what makes the difference. If you are wondering how you can do it, don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how you can position yourself as an expert in the rest of this article.


There are several things you can do, so we’ll take them one by one.

                    1. Write a Book

Writing a book makes you trustworthy. A lot of people want to write books, but very few do. So, having your name on a published book will make people trust you and see you like the expert you are.

                 2. Speak at Events

Speaking in public can be scary, and it’s definitely not easy, but you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get closer to achieving your goal of positioning yourself as an expert.

You don’t need to start by speaking in front of 100 or 500 people. Take small steps at first, volunteer to speak at local meet-up events, or host your own masterminds, or even a cocktail party.

Start with 5 people and once you get more confident, gradually increase the number. At first, make sure that your speech is about something that excites you, this will make it a lot easier to speak.

Prepare yourself properly, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, and try to speak confidently even if you are totally scared on the inside and your anxiety is as high as the sky. Walk around the room, engage with the audience.

Public speaking not only helps you to position yourself as an expert, but it can also bring you new business.

                 3. Use Social Media to your advantage

Social Media is one of the greatest tools you can use to position yourself as an expert.

Build your position and status by providing valuable content to your audience. Be consistent when it comes to your posts and make sure you are taking this seriously because it can be a game-changer if done properly.

Be direct, don’t try to create an image of yourself, drop all your masks and let your audience see who you are. Write as you speak, don’t be too formal. Imagine you are speaking with your friends, that’s the best way to think about it.

Same thing as with public speaking, engage with your audience. You do it by responding to comments, by asking questions, doing live videos.

Give, give and give some more. There’s no such thing as too much content, as long as it is valuable and it helps people. Hit them with all you got and they’ll be surprised by your determination and work attitude. Also, it will show that you are knowledgeable and you know what you are talking about.

                 4. Blog

Having your own website it’s pretty much a must nowadays. But more specifically, you should have your own blog. Having a blog enables you to share valuable content, whether in written or video format, on a regular basis. As you publish and promote your content online, you will gradually begin to position yourself as an expert on the topics that you focus on.

This also gives your audience a chance to share your content on multiple different platforms. Articles can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many other channels. Your content will spread like a virus and that’s exactly what you want, the bigger the reach, the better.

                 5. Start a podcast

Many coaches choose podcasting as a way to share their message and grow their audience.

We consume our information in a lot of ways. And people want information to be convenient for them, they want to have it easy, fast and without a lot of trouble. That’s why podcasting has become so popular lately.

The other formats – video and text – require a lot of attention, you can’t read an article and drive at the same time, but you can listen to a podcast and drive.

Interviewing other experts or people in your field is a great way of positioning yourself as an expert. Don’t be afraid to aim high and don’t be put off by interviewees saying no.


Keep asking!

A great interview can be a fantastic promotional tool, a great lead generator, or a source of content in the future, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure it is all set up correctly.

If you’re interviewing someone in person make sure you have good lighting, zero or low ambient noise, and that you both are comfortable and well presented.

If you’re conducting an interview over Skype use a microphone or handsfree earphone set for the best quality sound. And where possible record using video — watching someone speak directly is so much more powerful than audio alone.

You have 5 methods you can use to position yourself as an expert, all you need to do now is to take action and implement. Start with something you can do right away, like writing content for your social media platforms or for your blog.


Ten Strategies to Get Clients

Managing your own business can be stressful, but then getting clients to keep your business growing? That can be one of the most complex and anxiety-inducing challenges for a business owner.

Now in this post, I’m sharing 10 strategies that will help you get more clients for your business. Want to be booked in advance? Here are my favorite ways to do it:


1. Actively Participate in Facebook Groups

Yes, Facebook can be your ticket to grow your business. Although many people have been throwing the idea that “Facebook for business is dead.” Since Facebook pages now have a very small organic reach, so its easier for them to say that. Facebook pages might be going through something now but as a whole? Facebook can still be the best way to find clients and build your business.

How are you going to do it? Try to join Facebook groups where you think your ideal client might be hanging out. Like for example, you are a content writer, you might wanna join groups that has a number of members who are bloggers or small businesses. Then you can post or offer your services in the group to be able to find clients who might be in need of the services you are offering.


2. Try to perfect your current client’s processes to get more referrals

Take your time and plan out the processes that your current client will have. This way you will be able to plan out thoroughly the things that you need to get done with your client and try to be specific as much as possible. When you are able to do a smooth and perfect process, it will increase your chances to be referred to your client’s peers and friends.

Here’s an example of a professional process: Initial emails >> Phone consult (sometimes) >> Contract >> Deposit Invoice >> Questionnaire >> Proofs (Rounds 1, 2, 3) >> Final Invoice >> Installation >> Phone call instructions (if needed) >> Thank you email


3. Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Being active on social media platforms, not just Facebook but also Twitter, Instagram and other platforms where you can answer questions and post actively to promote your services, is another way to get more clients. You can make use of the hashtags related to the services you offer so can find potential clients specifically.

It’s very simple, but can be an incredibly effective way to find people who need what you’re selling right now. If they’re asking a question? Answer it! If they’re looking for someone to hire? Be sincere, let them know you can help, and give them a link to your portfolio.


4. Work with Clients who have a Large number of audiences

Working with clients who have a large number of audiences means that it could possibly help increase your chances to get more clients to work with you also! It could help increase your leads and give you bigger chances to be found through your clients’ site. Of course, if you work terrific and your work outcomes are outstanding it would give your current client’s audiences an opportunity to appreciate everything they find in your client’s site and look for the reason behind it!


5. Follow up with potential Clients who didn’t purchase

You probably have some emails from clients who initially inquired about your services and then never emailed you back. Follow up with them and shoot them an email. Try something like:

Hey (name),

Thank you so much for considering my services recently. Even though we weren’t able to work together, I’m glad we were able to connect! As a new business owner, I’m eager to find ways that I can improve my business and enhance the experience for my future clients. If you’re up for it, I’d love to hear why you decided not to book my services. I know this might be an odd question, but I really do appreciate any feedback you can share.


6. Check with your past client to see if they need anything more

This would give them the impression that you are still willing to work for them. You can offer them new services or an upgrade or update that anything they may need to improve their business. Similarly, you might have recently discovered something that you think will surely help your clients. Perhaps it’s a new favorite plugin or an e-book you just wrote that you know they’d love. Send your past client an email letting them know about it. It won’t feel salesy if it’s genuine and they can tell that you’re just looking out for them.


7. Guest Blog on other people’s site

Doing a guest blog post may not be easy but it sure does help get you your potential clients! Try to search for sites that talks about or does anything related to the services you are offering and write them a guest blog post. Also, you should make sure that the website has a high number of engaged audiences to get you more chances of getting discovered. Then try to write genuinely and promote your business in between post but not too much. Be more like a helpful guide than on the services promoting side.


8. Build an Email list and Keep in touch

Building your email list of getting your own number of subscribers would help a lot. But you also need to make sure that you update and send them email every now and then. It could be an email about the new services you are offering or some freebies and other stuffs that you think might be helpful to them. But it’s very likely they will check their email, meaning you can “talk” to your potential clients and subscribers just about any time you’d like.


9. Do some Facebook Ads

Now for this one, you might’ve to spend some penny to run your Facebook ads but it does work! In my business, I do this often and it does help me get my potential clients. Facebook ads help you reach out to those people who are looking for specific services or interest which could highly increase your chances to get found! You can customize the ads to whichever you like, which country to target and what age you would like to see it.


10. Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website would give you the chance to be found on Google! Yes, although it might not be as often as possible, there are so many people who uses search engines to find anything they want to find on the internet and it might increase your chance as well! You might think that it would be difficult to get clients from search engines for the same reason I did, but if you work hard on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then it’s definitely possible!

Get More Clients for Service Based Businesses

Components of Online Marketing

To get more clients, marketing plays an important role in business. Because it is the basis for reaching out to potential more clients and customers to expose what the business offers. With the massive impact of inventions and more importantly that of information communication technology, the way and method of promoting and marketing services and products have changed from the age-long use of electronic and print media. The best marketing options of this present age are internet or digital marketing. In this article, I will discuss in details, how service-based business owners can generate lead, get more clients, conversion and expand their business using the many platforms of the internet.


1. Website And SEO

The website signifies another office where all the services rendered are explained, itemized and structured. Any prospective customer can access the website at any time of the day. With website created, a need for a good ranking of the website is very important. The search engine optimization of the website makes it rank on popular search engines like Google, Baidu and Bing. The ranking provides an organic traffic to the website. Local SEO is perfect to capture the local lead. The search engine optimization requires a technical expertise to make the website rank higher using an ethical and safe method. Serviced based businesses can also get leads from search engine marketing which includes paying searching engine websites for advert promotions of their website for targeted leads that converts to sales.


2. Social Media Marketing

The social media represents a pull of billions of people from different regions, countries, and languages to create a perfect and flawless place well poised for marketing of service based businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. All these platforms and many others have advert services for business to tap into the massive number of people visiting the social media daily through websites and applications to chat with friends and families. The social media marketing is a huge place to generate and draw leads for any of the services you offer. A business page or account is needed to run an advert and this page will indicate the service the business renders. For example, a business offering dental and oral health services will indicate it fully while another offering account auditing will also do same.


3. Email Marketing for More Clients Connection

This is another method through which online leads can be generated for service-based businesses. It involves the collation of e-mail address collected or captured from traffic visiting the websites. These e-mail addresses contain those of more clients that already paid for services and others that have not. Online leads can be generated by sending bulk e-mail messages to all the active addresses so as to get conversions and sales. E-mail platforms like Aweber are very useful for e-mail marketing. In conclusion, all the above options to gain more clients except one requires making payment to the platform concerned to have the advertisement and promotion running. Online lead generation is the most effective method for marketing and increasing sales and revenue through better reach, exposure, and engagement. Making the best of online lead generation options, however, requires a digital marketer, an expert that knows about how to set up an effective and productive online advert.