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Linkedin Plugin Comparison

Give Me Leads

Linkedin is getting known for generating client leads now, and keeping up with the people in your network is one of the most difficult things to handle. In terms of time matters for if you’d keep a focus on it, you might need to spend a much-needed amount of time to stay in touch with your connections or to grow your network. That’s where the automation tools come in.

A lot of automation tools have been introduced to the market and has been doing a good job maintaining one’s Linkedin account without the user having to spend a lot of time being on the platform.

So, allow me to introduce four automation tools that have high performing reviews and how it could help you generate leads, gain more clients, and grow your network on Linkedin!


Linked HelperLinked HelperLinkedIn mass messaging tool to send personalized messages to 1st level connections. If you’re searching for Linkedin automation tools, then you’ve already found them, because LH is like a Swiss knife. It almost has all the functions you need for automating your Linkedin account.


Meet LeonardMeet LeonardLeonard is an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and growth automation bot for LinkedIn. But with Leonard, you can now automatically send hundreds of personalized invitation requests in minutes. Leonard lets you engage in a couple of ways: Send bulk customized messages to your first connections.


Lead ConnectLead ConnectLead Connect the best LinkedIn Automation Tool. It’s a fully automated tool to allow increase connection and follow-ups, bulk messages, integration with Hubspot. Increase Lead Conversion, get perfect follow-up and close deals with the phone button on your website.


Linmail ProLinmail Pro – This is a private members site, and as such, you need to apply for membership. Among other things, LinMailPro allows you to personalize and automate private messages to your connections.



Comparison Chart of Linkedin Plugins


Let us know what you think of these automation tools and what would you probably use considering the information given.

Linkedin Lion

Linkedin Open Networker

Have you ever heard of the name Linkedin Open Networker or LION? If you are an active user of Linkedin, you might have bumped into this term in some people’s profile name, headline, and summary. Have you ever wondered what this is about?

A LION is a Linkedin Open Networker. They are those people who accept connections request from everyone and anybody who sends them a connection request in Linkedin. LION’s connect regardless of whether they trust you or not.


Pros & Cons

So do you plan to become one of the lions? But before that, here are some positive and negative effect of being a part of the Linkedin Open Networker (LION).

One of the Pro’s of being a Linkedin Open Networker (LION) is you will gain a large number of Linkedin Network.


Why is it important?

Having a large number of Network on Linkedin increases your chances to be found through 1st, 2nd, & 3rd connections from someone who uses the advanced search to look for people under a specific keyword, work title, headline, etc. The same applies if you are looking for an ideal client you wanna work with.

But as much as exciting as that, quality is still important than quantity to most people. This is where we talk about the cons of being a Linkedin Open Networker. Because having a lot of connections is useless if most of those connections are just garbage or not what you need.

Because when you connect with someone on Linkedin, you’ll see their recent posts in your dashboard and any updates posted by them. And if they are not what you need you might just get annoyed with what they are posting and what you are seeing and most people don’t want that.

Also, you will get NO BENEFIT from connecting with someone who’s network is filled with connections that are low-quality, like those that don’t have profile pictures and information on their profiles, because most of those are just spammers and fake accounts.


How to become a part of the LION?

People who are part of the LION’s are easy to spot and identify, as they add it on their names, headline and in some other places in their profile.

Now if you want to be part of the LION, you’ll have to add the term Linkedin Open Networker or LION in your name, headline and summary as well, or any other part of your profile section.

But take note that adding LION to your name field is breaking Linkedin’s User Agreement, as nothing else should be in that field except your name. So you must be willing to take the risk.

Also, adding LION to your headline may turn off some quality connections as well. Because this provides no value to the viewers of your profile as you are merely telling them that you will connect with anyone, including spammers (who might probably scrape their information from your connection list.) But on the other hand, it would be helpful to other people as well, as they might be able to find the person they are looking for through your connections.

Just know that you must be ready with whatever the circumstance is.