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Questions You Must Ask to Find The Right Business Coach

Business coach with a question mark infront of face.

Having a business coach can make you a better and more successful business owner.

Whether you are at the early startup stage or ready to expand to a higher level, a coach can push you outside your comfort zone and provide the expertize you need to move forward and get through your barriers.

The only problem is that the market is full of business coaches. As we all know, some are great, and some are not.

A business coach is a vague term, and that’s why a lot of inexperienced and poorly skilled coaches can survive. But, it’s important to not fall for these wannabes, and that’s why you need to find yourself a good coach, someone with experience, with drive and skills that can help you improve your business.

How to choose a good business coach:

  1. Define your needs

A business coach can help you with a lot of things, from making presentations to developing your business and creating a plan for an extended period. Whether you want to improve your marketing strategy or you, need help with outsourcing tasks, and you don’t know how to manage that, a coach can take care of your problems. All you need to do is to define your needs in detail before anything else.

  1. Make sure they are honest and straightforward

Honest criticism is a must when it comes to coaches. A business coach should be objective, honest and sincere with you. She/He will tell you the truth even if that’s not what you want to hear and you must appreciate that and never take it for granted. A lot of people, especially in your close circle, like family and friends, will tell you the things you want to hear and not the things you need to understand. That’s why it’s so important to have a business coach that can show you where you are wrong and can point you in the right direction.

  1. Driven when it comes to your success

Look for someone who is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed.  Your potential business coach should be asking you questions to get a good grasp of where your company stands instead of talking about their accomplishments.

  1. Find someone compatible

Two persons are never the same, and it might be hard for you to find someone who is compatible with you — someone who has a personality that goes hand in hand with your character. As hard as it can be, you should give your best to find someone like that. You don’t want to have a business coach that yells “orders” and expects you to obey and do as he/she says. You need someone that you can trust and that makes it easier for you to speak and collaborate.

  1. Analytical skills

The role of a business coach is to help entrepreneurs improve their businesses. That’s why you should look for a coach that has a strong analytical side and logic and rational judgment.


What questions you need to ask to make sure the person you are talking to is a good business coach:


What do your clients have to say about you?

–  If most of the clients are satisfied and happy and they speak excellent and positive things, then your business coach is right. If negative feedback is the only thing you get, you might want to reconsider who you are working with.

 How many clients do you work with at once?

– The number can be very different from one coach to another. Some might work with dozens of lower-paying clients, and some might work with fewer higher-paying ones. Nevertheless, it’s important to ask your potential business coach this to get an idea of how they manage their clients and time and how they approach their work.

 What’s your business model?

– One model doesn’t fit all businesses. Unfortunately, there are business coaches that see it the other way around. They teach one business model that worked for them to every single one of their clients.

So, before starting to work with a coach, see exactly how his/her lifestyle looks like, how does the business sounds like and ask yourself if you want that for yourself and if that would fit your goals.

 What’s your coaching style?

– This is important. As I said before, you need to find someone compatible with you. The same thing applies here. Is your potential coach someone who shares from his/her personal experience or more from the experiences of others?

Is he/she someone who is really onto you all the time, keeps you accountable and emails you, or someone who’s more hands-off and needs you to ask them for things?

What are the biggest challenges you’ve experienced in your business, yourself or with your clients?

– Ask for specifics and detailed examples. Don’t settle for general answers like “ I helped people increase their profit.” If they do answer like that, ask more questions like “What kind of businesses did you work with? What was the time frame? What methods did you use? Can you give me an example of a company that increased their profit after working with you?

 How do you market yourself?

–  Based on the answers, you can see if the coach you are talking to is an expert or not. Does he/she apply the same strategies over and over again? What approach does he/she have when it comes to clients from different niches, with varying stories of background, different goals, etc. If the target audience is different, the advertising method should be different too.