Messenger Bots for Business Coaches

Mobile phones with a messenger bot talking to a customer

Online chatbots save time and efforts by automating customer support. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions they handle without a human. However, the opportunities provided by chatbot systems go far beyond giving responses to customers’ inquiries. Also for other business tasks they use Messenger bots, like collecting information about users, helping to organize meetings and reducing overhead costs. There is no wonder that the size of the chatbot market is growing exponentially.

More people want to step into a better version of themselves, alleviate pain, make changes in different areas of their life, the list goes on. For coaches, this provides a vast opportunity to be impactful and at scale.

  1. Lack of industry regulation — many certified coaches, excel in their fields. How do they ensure that prospects are choosing to work with them vs. someone who is new to the industry and dubs themselves an ‘expert’?
  2. Differentiation — how do coaches focus on marketing themselves? What’s the best way to showcase results, testimonials and portray the transformations they can offer in a way that no one else is doing?
  3. Generating Leads — with the average income for a coaching professional at $51,000 how do coaches ensure they can continue to generate leads and make a living doing what they’re passionate about? How can you Teach your prospects and clients about what you do & who you serve?

Build Trust Through That Process and Transform Lives at Scale and Focus on What Matters

You may think the answer lies in a well-crafted blog post, partnership, or collaboration that will give you an uptick in traffic and increase leads for the next couple weeks or months. The truth is, those things can work, they do work, but they are not the answer to consistent long-term success and growth for your coaching business.

Coaches need a proven formula that will allow them to generate leads 24 hours a day. They need a platform that will enable them to provide impact at scale! They need a system that provides a high-level, automated, interactive experience for their clients and prospects

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Messenger bots or chatbots are similar to email marketing, but they deliver your messages in a personal and conversational way.

Currently, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. Let that sink in — what that means is that this is a platform with 1.3 billion potential LEADS. A platform where your prospects and clients are already hanging out, communicating with friends, family, and other businesses & brands!

Being able to provide a unique and consistent first point of contact with your prospects. Any time of day, week, month or year is what Messenger bots offer your business and allow you to build trust at scale.

Whether your goal is to get more enrolment calls, sell more high-ticket items, get more webinar registrants, or provide value at scale — a chatbot is a way to do this.

A chatbot can tie all of your existing marketing mediums together with one click of a button. Instagram, Youtube, blog posts, Facebook, your website, Ads, etc. — ALL of them are in connection to your chatbot. When someone opts-in to your chatbot they become subscribed to it. That’s right; you’re not just providing value at scale through automation, you’re generating quality leads and list building!

When clients receive a message from you via Messenger, it’s almost like they’re receiving an instant signal from a friend. They can freely navigate all of the other information you have in your Messenger bots (your story, client testimonials, downloadable value props, booking sales calls, etc.)

Current open-rates and click-through-rates are as high as 80%-100% with chatbots! Compare that rate to email. Even if you have a unique email marketing list with 30%-40% open-rates, your click-through rates pale in comparison to Messenger bots.

Chatbots are Mobile Optimized

How often do you see a group of people having dinner together and over half of them are staring down at their mobile devices? Just look up from your own mobile device and see for yourself.

People love their cell phones and chatbots are completely mobile optimized. Do you have the Facebook Messenger App installed on your phone? Most people do.

If you think a chatbot would be a great fit for your business then now is the time to get your hands on one. I’m offering a free messenger chatbot! Just send me a message, and I’ll take care from there. You can also opt-in below to get a freebie!