Author: Doresa Ibrahim

Messenger Bots for Business Coaches

Mobile phones with a messenger bot talking to a customer

Online chatbots save time and efforts by automating customer support. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions they handle without a human. However, the opportunities provided by chatbot systems go far beyond giving responses to customers’ inquiries. Also for other business tasks they use Messenger bots, like collecting information about users, helping to organize meetings and reducing overhead costs. There is no wonder that the size of the chatbot market is growing exponentially.

More people want to step into a better version of themselves, alleviate pain, make changes in different areas of their life, the list goes on. For coaches, this provides a vast opportunity to be impactful and at scale.

  1. Lack of industry regulation — many certified coaches, excel in their fields. How do they ensure that prospects are choosing to work with them vs. someone who is new to the industry and dubs themselves an ‘expert’?
  2. Differentiation — how do coaches focus on marketing themselves? What’s the best way to showcase results, testimonials and portray the transformations they can offer in a way that no one else is doing?
  3. Generating Leads — with the average income for a coaching professional at $51,000 how do coaches ensure they can continue to generate leads and make a living doing what they’re passionate about? How can you Teach your prospects and clients about what you do & who you serve?

Build Trust Through That Process and Transform Lives at Scale and Focus on What Matters

You may think the answer lies in a well-crafted blog post, partnership, or collaboration that will give you an uptick in traffic and increase leads for the next couple weeks or months. The truth is, those things can work, they do work, but they are not the answer to consistent long-term success and growth for your coaching business.

Coaches need a proven formula that will allow them to generate leads 24 hours a day. They need a platform that will enable them to provide impact at scale! They need a system that provides a high-level, automated, interactive experience for their clients and prospects

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Messenger bots or chatbots are similar to email marketing, but they deliver your messages in a personal and conversational way.

Currently, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users. Let that sink in — what that means is that this is a platform with 1.3 billion potential LEADS. A platform where your prospects and clients are already hanging out, communicating with friends, family, and other businesses & brands!

Being able to provide a unique and consistent first point of contact with your prospects. Any time of day, week, month or year is what Messenger bots offer your business and allow you to build trust at scale.

Whether your goal is to get more enrolment calls, sell more high-ticket items, get more webinar registrants, or provide value at scale — a chatbot is a way to do this.

A chatbot can tie all of your existing marketing mediums together with one click of a button. Instagram, Youtube, blog posts, Facebook, your website, Ads, etc. — ALL of them are in connection to your chatbot. When someone opts-in to your chatbot they become subscribed to it. That’s right; you’re not just providing value at scale through automation, you’re generating quality leads and list building!

When clients receive a message from you via Messenger, it’s almost like they’re receiving an instant signal from a friend. They can freely navigate all of the other information you have in your Messenger bots (your story, client testimonials, downloadable value props, booking sales calls, etc.)

Current open-rates and click-through-rates are as high as 80%-100% with chatbots! Compare that rate to email. Even if you have a unique email marketing list with 30%-40% open-rates, your click-through rates pale in comparison to Messenger bots.

Chatbots are Mobile Optimized

How often do you see a group of people having dinner together and over half of them are staring down at their mobile devices? Just look up from your own mobile device and see for yourself.

People love their cell phones and chatbots are completely mobile optimized. Do you have the Facebook Messenger App installed on your phone? Most people do.

If you think a chatbot would be a great fit for your business then now is the time to get your hands on one. I’m offering a free messenger chatbot! Just send me a message, and I’ll take care from there. You can also opt-in below to get a freebie!

Must Have Coaching Tools for Running a Successful Business

Coaching Toolbox for Business Coaches

As a business coach, you can’t do absolutely everything, and you shouldn’t even try to do that.

There are hundreds of tools out there that can help you tremendously in your day to day business; you don’t need to hire people to take care of a lot of tasks because of those tools.

I will go over a few tools that are a must in your coaching business.


Email Lists: ConvertKit/Mailchimp/ActiveCampaign

I believe that it’s important for you to have a channel that allows you to connect directly to your dream clients, it’s a great way for you to introduce your amazing services, e-courses and blog content to them.

For you to do all this though, you’re going to need some technology behind you!

You can choose from a lot of options out there, but I’ll save you some time.


MailChimp: Cheaper but effective

You don’t have to be a designer or tech whiz to use MailChimp. Their design tools make it easy to create sophisticated campaigns that shine a light on the best of your business

1. Bulk Mailer

Most email services and Internet service providers (ISP) limit the number of emails you can send at one time. This is to prevent spamming. With a tool like MailChimp, you can send an email to an unlimited number of recipients at one time.

2. Greater deliverability

Services like MailChimp work with ISPs and corporate domains to ensure your emails are known as safe and approved. If there is a problem with delivery, MailChimp will attempt to re-send the email and tell you why an email might be bouncing.

3. Adherence to privacy laws

Bulk mailers are required by law to include an unsubscribe link in every email. MailChimp and other email marketing services include this automatically and ask recipients why they are removing themselves from your list.

4. Professional styling

MailChimp offers a wide variety of customizable templates for designing polished emails. You can also build a model from scratch to use with MailChimp.

5. Compatible with various email readers and devices

MailChimp gives your recipients the option to read your emails in fully-styled HTML or text only. They can also click a link to read the email in a web browser instead of their email. Even, did you know that over 50% of emails are now opened up on mobile devices, and this number is only growing? MailChimp also provides you with tools to see how your email campaign looks on a smartphone and other mobile devices.

6. Know if people are reading your emails

If you send an email through your email, you have no idea who opened it. Email marketing tools give you all sorts of fun analytics on successful deliveries and open rates, so you know your fans are listening.


ConvertKit is also an excellent solution for those that are interested in building their list. The great thing about ConvertKit is its additional features that you won’t find in Mailchimp. There’s easy-to-implement tagging of your subscribers and customizable sign-up forms you can easily embed in your site. Whether you’re wanting to explore sending out multiple opt-ins, content upgrades and utilizing automation to welcome your new subscribers ConvertKit is excellent at guiding you through the steps to do so!


Active Campaign: Great things about Active Campaign

• Break your sales funnel into stages
• Create a deal pipeline for each customer segment
• Leave no leads hanging
• Assign deals
• Lead scoring
• Short-term and long-term nurturing sequences
• Use goals & automation split tests to refine email sequences

Sales Pages/Sales Funnels:

It is an all-in-one sales funnel solution for coaches of all varieties. If you’re ready to get serious about building sales funnels that support your business to work while you’re not, then ClickFunnels is the tool for you (plus you can get a free 14-day trial here. You’re welcome.)

ClickFunnels has an easy to use interface that lets you incorporate clocks, animations, videos and other elements on your templates. You don’t require any unique coding abilities; the editor enables you to drag aspects onto the page, change the phrasing, and select colors and typefaces to suit your needs. The quality of the pages produced with ClickFunnels is outstanding, and the style is mobile-responsive which indicates they will look excellent on any mobile phone.

A funnel isn’t merely about creating pages, however also about getting them to connect to particular action flows and integrating things like autoresponders and payment processors for a more automated procedure. ClickFunnels supplies that one platform to construct your whole funnel. You also get tracking and analytics to assist you to see the performance of each funnel so you can enhance and improve it.ClickFunnels is an outstanding, natural product to use for building sales and marketing funnels.

Messenger Bots:

Chatbots have been around in some form for decades, and currently, they exist pretty much everywhere.

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger, and it has access to more than 1 Billion people that are using Facebook Messenger every month.

Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry, and this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers, riding on the exploding popularity of messaging apps.


Why should you choose bots over email?

Facebook Messenger is used by 70% of the app users. That’s a huge number and a lot of opportunities. Even so, only 10% of Facebook advertisers are using chatbots, that’s a lot less competition compared to email where the match is formed of millions and millions of advertisers.

Email click-through rates are stagnant, and they are not showing signs of improvement, 2-4% on average. Chatbots can help you bypass inbox competition too.

People are almost five times more likely to open a Facebook message than an email. It comes more natural, and it doesn’t give people the feeling of being marketed to. Even more, clients or potential clients can respond just by pressing a button, that saves them time and increases the conversion rate for businesses.

You can use different tools to create a messenger bot. ManyChat, Conversable, Chatfuel are a few of them. The other option is for you to hire someone to code the chatbot the way you want it to be.

Membership Site:

Establishing yourself as a premier business growth expert starts with your online presence.

A website can be seen as your image in the online world. It makes you look professional, and it is an outstanding tool for growing your business.

You can use it as proof of your previous work to close the leads you have. It’s useful to get more leads, get traffic to it and convert those leads into clients.

Another great use of it is to give valuable content, either free or through a monthly membership. You can also sell products or different packages for your services.

You can do all of the above; all you need to be creative and implement a wise marketing strategy that is in line with your potential customer’s needs, problems, and desires.

Scheduling tools:

Calendly is one of the most popular scheduling apps around today. The easy-to-use system connects with your calendar to put the scheduling power in your client’s hands.

To set up your Calendly account, you need to set different rules for establishing the days and times you’re available. You can also set buffer times between your meetings and set up rules preventing last-minute bookings.

Calendly can be easily integrated with Zapier, PayPal, Google Analytics. You can improve your entire scheduling process with these options.

Google Calendar is easy to navigate because the layout is extremely straightforward and the display can be customized to individual liking. There is one primary calendar, but for organizational purposes, own schedules can be created for personal, business, or vacation use. Calendars can be shared by merely inviting others through email. Sharing calendars is an invaluable tool in the industry as schedules are always changing. Calendar sharing allows everyone to be on the same page. Permission levels can be set to control the amount of power granted to others that can access calendars. Granting full permission on a schedule allows someone to see and edit the contents of a calendar, which is perfect for a secretary or administrative assistant who takes care of scheduling.

Linkedin Plugin Comparison

Give Me Leads

Linkedin is getting known for generating client leads now, and keeping up with the people in your network is one of the most difficult things to handle. In terms of time matters for if you’d keep a focus on it, you might need to spend a much-needed amount of time to stay in touch with your connections or to grow your network. That’s where the automation tools come in.

A lot of automation tools have been introduced to the market and has been doing a good job maintaining one’s Linkedin account without the user having to spend a lot of time being on the platform.

So, allow me to introduce four automation tools that have high performing reviews and how it could help you generate leads, gain more clients, and grow your network on Linkedin!


Linked HelperLinked HelperLinkedIn mass messaging tool to send personalized messages to 1st level connections. If you’re searching for Linkedin automation tools, then you’ve already found them, because LH is like a Swiss knife. It almost has all the functions you need for automating your Linkedin account.


Meet LeonardMeet LeonardLeonard is an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and growth automation bot for LinkedIn. But with Leonard, you can now automatically send hundreds of personalized invitation requests in minutes. Leonard lets you engage in a couple of ways: Send bulk customized messages to your first connections.


Lead ConnectLead ConnectLead Connect the best LinkedIn Automation Tool. It’s a fully automated tool to allow increase connection and follow-ups, bulk messages, integration with Hubspot. Increase Lead Conversion, get perfect follow-up and close deals with the phone button on your website.


Linmail ProLinmail Pro – This is a private members site, and as such, you need to apply for membership. Among other things, LinMailPro allows you to personalize and automate private messages to your connections.



Comparison Chart of Linkedin Plugins


Let us know what you think of these automation tools and what would you probably use considering the information given.

Linkedin Lion

Linkedin Open Networker

Have you ever heard of the name Linkedin Open Networker or LION? If you are an active user of Linkedin, you might have bumped into this term in some people’s profile name, headline, and summary. Have you ever wondered what this is about?

A LION is a Linkedin Open Networker. They are those people who accept connections request from everyone and anybody who sends them a connection request in Linkedin. LION’s connect regardless of whether they trust you or not.


Pros & Cons

So do you plan to become one of the lions? But before that, here are some positive and negative effect of being a part of the Linkedin Open Networker (LION).

One of the Pro’s of being a Linkedin Open Networker (LION) is you will gain a large number of Linkedin Network.


Why is it important?

Having a large number of Network on Linkedin increases your chances to be found through 1st, 2nd, & 3rd connections from someone who uses the advanced search to look for people under a specific keyword, work title, headline, etc. The same applies if you are looking for an ideal client you wanna work with.

But as much as exciting as that, quality is still important than quantity to most people. This is where we talk about the cons of being a Linkedin Open Networker. Because having a lot of connections is useless if most of those connections are just garbage or not what you need.

Because when you connect with someone on Linkedin, you’ll see their recent posts in your dashboard and any updates posted by them. And if they are not what you need you might just get annoyed with what they are posting and what you are seeing and most people don’t want that.

Also, you will get NO BENEFIT from connecting with someone who’s network is filled with connections that are low-quality, like those that don’t have profile pictures and information on their profiles, because most of those are just spammers and fake accounts.


How to become a part of the LION?

People who are part of the LION’s are easy to spot and identify, as they add it on their names, headline and in some other places in their profile.

Now if you want to be part of the LION, you’ll have to add the term Linkedin Open Networker or LION in your name, headline and summary as well, or any other part of your profile section.

But take note that adding LION to your name field is breaking Linkedin’s User Agreement, as nothing else should be in that field except your name. So you must be willing to take the risk.

Also, adding LION to your headline may turn off some quality connections as well. Because this provides no value to the viewers of your profile as you are merely telling them that you will connect with anyone, including spammers (who might probably scrape their information from your connection list.) But on the other hand, it would be helpful to other people as well, as they might be able to find the person they are looking for through your connections.

Just know that you must be ready with whatever the circumstance is.

Secret Weapon To Marketing Coaches

Sign that states new skills training.

Have you ever been invited to a networking breakfast? Or a networking lunch? Or even a mastermind? These may seem sort of strange to the person who has never been to one before. But these types of situations are vital to moving yourself to talk with others about what you do, how you do it, and what you provide in the form of services and products.

Masterminds are one of the most significant ways of growing your business locally, especially if you are a coach.

This is my secret weapon to helping coaches that work with me market themselves. These events can be a meeting of a pre-established group; usually, I leverage the Chamber of Commerce members. But they can also bring together like-minded individuals who have never met before. These workshops are laser-focused when it comes to subject matter and attendees.

A mastermind is different than other networking events because it is intended to be a roundtable discussion. It is where attendees learn from each other as much as they do from the facilitators and presenters. Instead of inspirational speeches and how-to presentations, masterminds have a heavy focus on significant vision planning and complex problem-solving. The more actionable takeaways, the better.


You have the opportunity to make a presentation in front of a room full of potential clients

This reason alone makes it worth the trouble and investment. You can leave with your “pockets” full of new clients, and you can get booked in advance for the following months. For a lot of business coaches, it is more than enough to host 1 or 2 masterminds per year to get all the work they need for that particular year. Mindblowing, right?

Not actually. It makes sense if you take a better look at it. You are gathering people from your local city in one single place. Business owners that have similar issues and desires, and that are always in need of improvement. After all, who doesn’t want to take their business to a new level and make more money?

Just make sure you do your “homework” in time. You need to be as prepared as possible to give as much value as you can to create an interest in your services.


Now, what do you need to take in consideration when you are hosting a mini-mastermind:

Decide on the size of it.

You can have mini-masterminds with up to 5 people or larger ones with more than 10. Ideally, you should host mini-masterminds that way you can concentrate your attention and give more value than you could with 20 people.

  • Invite people that count – You don’t want people that have nothing to do with what you do present at your mastermind. You want it to pack with talented people, with those that are in your target audience. If that’s not so, then you are wasting your time, because they won’t come and even if they do, they won’t be interested in what you have to say or offer. Decide on the criteria for the group and what you want the shared interests to be. It’s important to develop standards for the group so that you’re able to speak at a higher level of expertise about a particular topic. You don’t want everyone to look absolutely identical, but generally speaking, having a shared baseline is essential.
  • Set a Goal – The mastermind will serve a purpose; get clear on what it is. Is it to help grow, develop, and shape each other? To let people know about your services and what you can do for them? To provide value as much as you can and gather new contacts for your list? Make sure it is as clear as possible and do everything accordingly to that goal.


Let’s take a look at how it should look too:

You need to create a presentation highlighting the five most important areas you focus on with your coaching.

Don’t overstretch with the introduction, but don’t make it short either. Make sure it is the right size, so the viewers get all the information they need while not getting bored. Discuss the topic with the participants and ask them for honest feedback. You want them to be as straightforward with you as possible to learn and improve both your presentation skills and your general business and marketing skills. Also, have a workbook for each participant so they can take notes.

Has it printed with your logo that will help you out long term, when they will use your workbook in the future (possibly for other records), they will see it and automatically they will think about you and your brand, and that’s free advertising? By now you should have a good understanding of how masterminds work, what to take in consideration when hosting one and what kind of benefits you will get if you do so.

There might be other particularities, but this article is for you to get accustomed to the meaning of masterminds and to convince you to start hosting mini-masterminds in your local community to get that extra boost for your business. It can be a goldmine if you approach it the right way, and it would be sad if you would let it go past you. Take action and start planning!

Increase Your Bottom Line Without Doing More Work

Revenue line shows an increase to bottom line.

Bottom line refers to the last line in your financial statements which is your net income after all the expenses you have been deducted from your gross sales or revenues.

How to increase your bottom line?

This has been the question of many, big and small business owners, and working people. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of ways to grow my income without doing a lot and not exerting too much effort over it. And now, I will share to you what has worked with me and how it has helped me with my business.

1. Continuous Planning

You should always have a “plan B”. Which means that you should always be prepared if something goes wrong out from your strategies. For example, what will you do if your expenses increases than your income? It doesn’t mean that you’re being negative about it, but it means you already have a backup plan if things don’t work out. While many businesses have a definitive business plan, only a small percentage devote much effort to “What if something goes wrong?” planning. Because only a few are doing this. You should always have a backup plan, especially if you are just starting up your business.

2. Learn the Process of Business Negotiating

A lot of business owners doesn’t use this method, and I tell you, this is one of the effective ways to lessen your expenses. When you know well how to negotiate, you can use it effectively for almost everything! Say for example your business is about buying and selling goods, if you are able to negotiate, you can buy goods on a lesser price especially when you buy in bulk so you can get a wholesale price which will give you a big discount on the prices than buying them per piece. In that case, you could earn 30 to 50% when you sell them. And you can even negotiate to make them your permanent supplier if they give you that same less price every time you purchase. If you’d learn this process, you can apply it in your daily life!

3. Debt Management

In doing business, I would strongly recommend you to have less debt than getting more debt! This strategy is different from business negotiating because having a better debt management is more like a choice to be in debt or not. Unlike in negotiating, it is necessary for you to negotiate to get less or to make the situation in favor for you and your business. But if you think that your business really needs to take the debt then you can use it though I suggest that you try your best to reduce the debt.

4. Discuss Recurring Problems

It is no surprise that in business you could really encounter problems, not just financially but roughly through every corner of your business especially when you are just starting out. Even though you have everything planned out or you already have a business plan and you already envision how the business would run, there’s no denying that you could encounter problems along the way. So it is really important to write down and discuss the problems that you encounter because this will give you the chance to focus more on the things that you need to change or the things that you need to do to improve your business. Having these problems listed will already give you an idea where you made a mistake or what will you do to refrain the problem from coming back the next time.

All problems become smaller if you don’t dodge them but confront them. Touch a thistle timidly, and it pricks you; grasp it boldly, and its spines crumble.

— Admiral William F. Halsey

5. Practice Business Writing

Just like business negotiating, business writing is essential to grow your business and increase your bottom line. Business writing is an example of a strategy that can help organizations in multiple areas such as business development, communication, and inbound marketing to name just three. Although business writing is being neglected by most companies and organizations today in the interest of saving money. But there are a lot of ways now to do this, you can actually make use of the internet, writing a guest blog post can be used as a form of business writing if you only practice how to do it genuinely. You can submit these business writings to some website who accepts press releases, especially for those new businesses.

You might be able to spend a few bucks but it might help triple your business income as well! So what’s a little risk if it could help grow your business and increase your potential income?

Overall, in my experiences, when you are doing business you should be prepared to take chances and take a risk. You should be able to do a lot of trial and error to be able to succeed in the line that you are in. I’m telling you, I’ve failed a lot of times but if I gave up during those failures, I might not be able to get to where I am now.

Questions You Must Ask to Find The Right Business Coach

Business coach with a question mark infront of face.

Having a business coach can make you a better and more successful business owner.

Whether you are at the early startup stage or ready to expand to a higher level, a coach can push you outside your comfort zone and provide the expertize you need to move forward and get through your barriers.

The only problem is that the market is full of business coaches. As we all know, some are great, and some are not.

A business coach is a vague term, and that’s why a lot of inexperienced and poorly skilled coaches can survive. But, it’s important to not fall for these wannabes, and that’s why you need to find yourself a good coach, someone with experience, with drive and skills that can help you improve your business.

How to choose a good business coach:

  1. Define your needs

A business coach can help you with a lot of things, from making presentations to developing your business and creating a plan for an extended period. Whether you want to improve your marketing strategy or you, need help with outsourcing tasks, and you don’t know how to manage that, a coach can take care of your problems. All you need to do is to define your needs in detail before anything else.

  1. Make sure they are honest and straightforward

Honest criticism is a must when it comes to coaches. A business coach should be objective, honest and sincere with you. She/He will tell you the truth even if that’s not what you want to hear and you must appreciate that and never take it for granted. A lot of people, especially in your close circle, like family and friends, will tell you the things you want to hear and not the things you need to understand. That’s why it’s so important to have a business coach that can show you where you are wrong and can point you in the right direction.

  1. Driven when it comes to your success

Look for someone who is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed.  Your potential business coach should be asking you questions to get a good grasp of where your company stands instead of talking about their accomplishments.

  1. Find someone compatible

Two persons are never the same, and it might be hard for you to find someone who is compatible with you — someone who has a personality that goes hand in hand with your character. As hard as it can be, you should give your best to find someone like that. You don’t want to have a business coach that yells “orders” and expects you to obey and do as he/she says. You need someone that you can trust and that makes it easier for you to speak and collaborate.

  1. Analytical skills

The role of a business coach is to help entrepreneurs improve their businesses. That’s why you should look for a coach that has a strong analytical side and logic and rational judgment.


What questions you need to ask to make sure the person you are talking to is a good business coach:


What do your clients have to say about you?

–  If most of the clients are satisfied and happy and they speak excellent and positive things, then your business coach is right. If negative feedback is the only thing you get, you might want to reconsider who you are working with.

 How many clients do you work with at once?

– The number can be very different from one coach to another. Some might work with dozens of lower-paying clients, and some might work with fewer higher-paying ones. Nevertheless, it’s important to ask your potential business coach this to get an idea of how they manage their clients and time and how they approach their work.

 What’s your business model?

– One model doesn’t fit all businesses. Unfortunately, there are business coaches that see it the other way around. They teach one business model that worked for them to every single one of their clients.

So, before starting to work with a coach, see exactly how his/her lifestyle looks like, how does the business sounds like and ask yourself if you want that for yourself and if that would fit your goals.

 What’s your coaching style?

– This is important. As I said before, you need to find someone compatible with you. The same thing applies here. Is your potential coach someone who shares from his/her personal experience or more from the experiences of others?

Is he/she someone who is really onto you all the time, keeps you accountable and emails you, or someone who’s more hands-off and needs you to ask them for things?

What are the biggest challenges you’ve experienced in your business, yourself or with your clients?

– Ask for specifics and detailed examples. Don’t settle for general answers like “ I helped people increase their profit.” If they do answer like that, ask more questions like “What kind of businesses did you work with? What was the time frame? What methods did you use? Can you give me an example of a company that increased their profit after working with you?

 How do you market yourself?

–  Based on the answers, you can see if the coach you are talking to is an expert or not. Does he/she apply the same strategies over and over again? What approach does he/she have when it comes to clients from different niches, with varying stories of background, different goals, etc. If the target audience is different, the advertising method should be different too.

Coaching Tool That Business Coach Needs to Convert Clients

Business coach selecting data tools on tablet.

Optimizing your conversions should be a top priority in your business. After all, even if you have an infinite number of leads, if you don’t manage to convert those leads into clients then you are just wasting time.

Leads are only useful if they turn into clients.

As a business coach, how do you go about that? How do you improve your conversions?

Most of the coaches out there are using email. It’s classic, comfortable to do and it works, or at least that’s what people say. This can be true, and it is right in some cases, but only if you do it correctly.

If you know how to get attention, and that’s not easy today when people are getting hundreds of emails per day. You need to invest a lot of time, money and effort in email marketing. If you want it to work and to move people from the ‘leads list’ to the ‘clients list.’

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to go through all that to convert clients. You can do it easier, faster and more efficiently with chatbots. More precisely, Facebook Messenger Bots.

A chatbot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people.

Bots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. From a customer’s perspective, they’re a friendly and accessible time-saver.

Chatbots have been around in some form for decades, and currently, they exist pretty much everywhere.

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger, and it has access to more than 1 Billion people that are using Facebook Messenger every month.

Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry. And this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers — a coaching tool riding on the exploding popularity of messaging apps.

Why should you choose bots over email?

Facebook Messenger is useful by 70% of the app users. That’s a huge number and a lot of opportunities. Even so, only 10% of Facebook advertisers are using chatbots, that’s a lot less competition compared to email where the race is of millions and millions of advertisers.

Email click-through rates are stagnant, and they are not showing signs of improvement, 2-4% on average.

Chatbots can help you bypass inbox competition too.

People are almost five times more likely to open a Facebook message than an email. Chatbot comes more natural than people, and it doesn’t give people the feeling of being marketed. Even more, clients or potential clients can respond just by pressing a button, that saves them time and increases the conversion rate for businesses.

You can make good use of Facebook Messenger ads too, which can be sent to anyone who has previously been in touch with your Page. So everyone who liked your page is subscribed to your list.

What benefits can you get from using chatbots?

  • Improved Customer Service: A survey shows that 83% of online shoppers need support during shopping. So, your customers may require help trying to understand which products fit their needs/budgets at any time of the day. A chatbot as coaching tool will provide real-time assistance like a salesperson in a real store. It offers interactive communication where they also ask questions to understand the real problem. Using text and voice, they can present customers rich content with product pages, images, videos, etc. This means that a chatbot will provide extensive customer assistance, always-available customer support, and proactive customer interaction.
  • Better Engagement: It is essential to keep your customers engaged with your brand, and this is why companies are using social media marketing. Engaging customers through social media will increase your sales by 20% to 40%. While this sounds good, a chatbot will add to the experience because character-driven expertise to the customers helps in better engagement
  • Cost Savings: Implementing a full functioning chatbot is way cheaper and faster than creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees for each task. Since chatbots are automated solutions, they allow organizations to handle many customers at once, and simultaneously. By “employing” chatbots that complements human agents, you will not only save on employee costs, but you will also avoid the problems caused by human errors
  • Monitoring Consumer Data and Gaining Insights: Chatbots are great tools to communicate with customers. With the feedback they collect through simple questions, you can make improvements on your services/products, you also them to track purchasing patterns and consumer behaviors by monitoring user data. Monitoring user data helps a company to decide “which products to market differently, which to market more and which to redevelop.”
  • Rapid and Increasing Growth in Messenger apps: 65% of smartphone users don’t download new apps in a month. Since users have their core apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc., they hardly download new ones. Therefore, integrating your chatbot into one of the popular platforms that your customers use daily, can be better than building a new app by saving money and time.

What tools to use:

Chatbots can be created in various ways, and there are different coaching tool out there that can make things easier for you.

1. ManyChat

ManyChat’s interface is one of the least intimidating out there. However, it may be better suited to those making simpler bots—message management can get cumbersome as the conversation gets complex.

On the plus side, ManyChat has plenty of tools that will help you promote your bot and evaluate user analytics. It’s free at first, but after you hit a certain number of subscribers, you’ll need to start paying for a Pro account.

2. Chatfuel

As the largest self-serve platform for building Facebook Messenger bots, Chatfuel has an impressive client list: everyone from TechCrunch to Netflix.

They have an intuitive visual interface for those without a coding background, but developers will like the editable front-end and customization options. While you can build a bot for free, a lot of the more complicated (and interesting) tools are only available with Chatfuel Pro accounts.

3. Conversable

Conversable is the enterprise-class, SaaS platform that will build your bot with you. They work with a lot of Fortune 500 companies. They go beyond Facebook Messenger and will make sure your conversations are happening across all channels.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert Business Coach When Unknown

Business coach consulting with client.

The world is full of business coaches, you can find one at every corner. Some of them are getting results for their clients, but most of them don’t.

Unfortunately, that’s not surprising at all, especially in today’s world. The industry is not in the best “shape” possible and a lot of people are wannabes without any experience or results. Nobody would care if those wannabes would just stay silent in their place without drawing attention. But, guess what, they don’t.

So, even if you are a well-intentioned and skilled business coach, these frauds can drag you in the mud with them.

How is that possible? Well, if you are unknown, there’s a chance your potential clients will be skeptical about your expertise and they might even think you are a fraud, and you don’t want that.

That’s why you need to position yourself as an expert. You need to show the world what you can do, what you know, what kind of results did you get. Put yourself out there with the good and the bad, don’t be afraid to show who you really are.

More often than not, this is what makes the difference. If you are wondering how you can do it, don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how you can position yourself as an expert in the rest of this article.


There are several things you can do, so we’ll take them one by one.

                    1. Write a Book

Writing a book makes you trustworthy. A lot of people want to write books, but very few do. So, having your name on a published book will make people trust you and see you like the expert you are.

                 2. Speak at Events

Speaking in public can be scary, and it’s definitely not easy, but you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get closer to achieving your goal of positioning yourself as an expert.

You don’t need to start by speaking in front of 100 or 500 people. Take small steps at first, volunteer to speak at local meet-up events, or host your own masterminds, or even a cocktail party.

Start with 5 people and once you get more confident, gradually increase the number. At first, make sure that your speech is about something that excites you, this will make it a lot easier to speak.

Prepare yourself properly, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, and try to speak confidently even if you are totally scared on the inside and your anxiety is as high as the sky. Walk around the room, engage with the audience.

Public speaking not only helps you to position yourself as an expert, but it can also bring you new business.

                 3. Use Social Media to your advantage

Social Media is one of the greatest tools you can use to position yourself as an expert.

Build your position and status by providing valuable content to your audience. Be consistent when it comes to your posts and make sure you are taking this seriously because it can be a game-changer if done properly.

Be direct, don’t try to create an image of yourself, drop all your masks and let your audience see who you are. Write as you speak, don’t be too formal. Imagine you are speaking with your friends, that’s the best way to think about it.

Same thing as with public speaking, engage with your audience. You do it by responding to comments, by asking questions, doing live videos.

Give, give and give some more. There’s no such thing as too much content, as long as it is valuable and it helps people. Hit them with all you got and they’ll be surprised by your determination and work attitude. Also, it will show that you are knowledgeable and you know what you are talking about.

                 4. Blog

Having your own website it’s pretty much a must nowadays. But more specifically, you should have your own blog. Having a blog enables you to share valuable content, whether in written or video format, on a regular basis. As you publish and promote your content online, you will gradually begin to position yourself as an expert on the topics that you focus on.

This also gives your audience a chance to share your content on multiple different platforms. Articles can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many other channels. Your content will spread like a virus and that’s exactly what you want, the bigger the reach, the better.

                 5. Start a podcast

Many coaches choose podcasting as a way to share their message and grow their audience.

We consume our information in a lot of ways. And people want information to be convenient for them, they want to have it easy, fast and without a lot of trouble. That’s why podcasting has become so popular lately.

The other formats – video and text – require a lot of attention, you can’t read an article and drive at the same time, but you can listen to a podcast and drive.

Interviewing other experts or people in your field is a great way of positioning yourself as an expert. Don’t be afraid to aim high and don’t be put off by interviewees saying no.


Keep asking!

A great interview can be a fantastic promotional tool, a great lead generator, or a source of content in the future, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure it is all set up correctly.

If you’re interviewing someone in person make sure you have good lighting, zero or low ambient noise, and that you both are comfortable and well presented.

If you’re conducting an interview over Skype use a microphone or handsfree earphone set for the best quality sound. And where possible record using video — watching someone speak directly is so much more powerful than audio alone.

You have 5 methods you can use to position yourself as an expert, all you need to do now is to take action and implement. Start with something you can do right away, like writing content for your social media platforms or for your blog.


Why Websites Are Dead

Business coach using a laptop on a table

Dated Content and Dead Links Will Punish Your Site

Along with the Internet boom came the massive proliferation of websites-since many websites are made not just for private use but to make money as well, websites. Find themselves having to compete with other sites of the same category when it comes to reaching and keeping their target audience.


SEO and Factors Affecting Page Rank

To reach their target audience websites find that they have to rely on search engines to list their site. Among the top results of a specific search, strings-this is because it is impossible for Internet users to memorize every website they need to and are interested. In visiting due to the unbelievably large number of sites dealing with almost all kinds of information and offering all types of services and goods out there. Most Internet users are doing research, are found not to type websites’ URLs directly but instead usually click on the top results that their preferred search engine gives. Because of this fact, sites who wish to be noticed by a large audience has to be seen by search engines first.

To get noticed by search engines, web designers use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is the method used to increase a website’s ranking in search engine results listings. Using SEO websites have a higher chance of getting noticed by search engines and thus get seen by their target audience. Each search engine has their way of ranking websites but has at least several common ranking factors. The importance of the elements, however, varies for each search engine and some of the factors themselves are unconfirmed by search engine engineers. Although many factors do affect a websites ranking in search engine results only two significant factors that are needed to discuss in this article – content, and links.



Despite the unknowns, SEO experts agree on most of the elements and their importance. According to SEO experts the ten most important factors that can influence a web document’s rank at the major search engines, namely Yahoo!, MSN, Google & AskJeeves, for a particular term or phrase are the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Anchor Text of Links
  • Keyword Use in Document Text
  • Accessibility of Document
  • Links to Document from Site-Internal Pages
  • Primary Subject Matter of Site
  • External Links to Linking Pages
  • Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community
  • Global Link Popularity of Site
  • Keyword Spamming


Importance of Links in Page Rank

As shown on the list above links rank among the top factors that affect a web document’s rank. It was listed five times. Links, however, can impact a page rank both positively and negatively. Both internal and external links can affect the ranking of a website. However, if any of the links on the site are dead links or links that lead to 404 pages then instead of being an asset those links create an adverse effect. The quality of ties found on a page is therefore critical. They should have relevant anchor texts to point visitors to more information they need and should lead to relevant pages as well. Dead links are considered to be undesirable and will subtract from page rank.


Importance of Links to Visitor Retention

Links do not only affect the websites page rank but will affect visitor retention as well. Dead links are a sure turn off to visitors. Visitors who click on links expect to go to an existing page with relevant information. If there are dead links on your website, visitors might conclude that the site is updated that frequently and that the sites are not of good quality. If this happens, they will automatically try other websites that they feel caters to their needs and is less irritating.

It is also true that links to relevant sites might affect visitor retention for the worse since visitors might opt to stay with the appropriate location. However, good anchor texts leading to related sites are still relevant. Remember that if your website is a quality website although your links may increase the traffic to other sites visitors would always stay with your site and keep on coming back. Aside from that, visitors might perceive your website as a good starting point in their online activity and thus keep on coming back because of your links.


Importance of Content

As mentioned earlier, although you might have no dead links and your links may all be relevant, your website can still suffer if it is not a quality site or a site with quality content. Quality content means relevant and fresh content delivered regularly. Dated material is almost always a website killer. Visitors often go on the net to look for appropriate and timely content, unless they are researching history or some other well-established facts. However, being such a dynamic community, more often than not it is the new trends, new information, new products, discoveries, and everything else new, that people who go on the net look for it.

Although the content of the website might be interesting and well written, visitors will not opt to go back more than twice or thrice if they see that the content is not updated periodically. After all, what is the use of reading the same article over and over? Some websites even have last updated dates dated more than three years back. As soon as visitors see that date, they will know that the content is dated and will most probably never revisit the site.


The Deadly Combination

Dated content and dead links should never be taken for granted if you want your website to be a success. A site with either of the two will be penalized enough by visitors who opt never to come back or by search engines that will rank the website a little lower. But a site with a combination of dated content and dead links is sure to be relegated to the end of search engine results listings. And if people ever do visit the website with such a low ranking, they are bound never to return to revisit the site.